venice carnivale: show what you hide!

“there are infinite gifts to be recieved and given by taking off our old masks” ME!

on my recent voyage to carnival in venice,  i LOOKED again into my reflection to find light.  i took off the past’s masks  and i was given a violet and golden regal mask to feel like a queen.  in a healing embrace with a dear friend,  i finally let go feelings i had when i was a teenager! around the insecurity about the size of my breasts. what a relief! ( double relief, i just used the B word on my Blog, thats right BOOBie!)  to say that when i was a young teenager, i believed they were too small to be beautiful.  i had a boyfriend who asked me while we were kissing, when my “boobies would grow”! hahahah!   i responded ” soon”… thinking this was the only sensical response to a normal question. imagine what i had floating around in my head,  as i had grown  through unenlightened advertisements etc that had me subconciously thinking some pretty false ideas around the female body!  in each culture there are prisons made and different locks we must open  to return our natural, free, life-loving, divine souls back to our conciousness.


the courage that it took for me to share these feelings let me genuinely release them.  that belief simply dissipated back into thin air where it came from. i am accepting all the different shapes and sizes people come in and especially my own body for being the healthy, happy organism that is love! imagine living life with fake ideas about why or what is beautiful. i was carrying the weight of the feeling of this memory and i simply had to speak it to let it go! AND I DID SHARE IT! I CRIED IT RIGHT OUT! AND HOW GOOD THIS FELT IS UNDESCRIBABLE.

let me share with the world, it is so worth it.   in your journal, a caring friend, mother, father, teddybear, therapist u name it, it is worth speaking the clouds, crying the rain and growing new flowers. even the smallest stupidest thing stored up in the attic of ur mind ( ie. memory) LET IT GO! its so easy to write it down, throw it out! BE GONE!  AND REALIZE…


you are beautiful because you are life! and life is so much more amazing than we can even grip with our minds.

and you being here now, alive on this planet  is a TESTAMENT OF LIFE AND ITS GLORY! this is the truth!

when poet john keats said “beauty is truth, truth beauty”. i believe he  is saying our nature is beautiful and that is the truth!  Beauty has so much to do with not what we look like, but how we feel. the real stuff is down below; life that moves through all of us feels really good when we are allowed to feel loved, accepted, beautiful, for who we are…naturally.

who allows us?

You.  You. You. it is you that will give yourself permission to feel your divinity just as you are! feel your body, your soul, the light when you go to the window, to see a big blu sky on top of your round, oval, smiling/crying/hiding/ showing face that love that is deep inside waiting to come pouring out.

if your living a period of your life where  long winters are tricking you into thinking your nature is bleak and ugly, please be reminded that death and darkness are  natural elements in life. so in this case, ugliness is beautiful because it is there to remind us of the coming spring that lies in each and everyone of us.  BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LOVE! trees and flowers naturally look to the sun for their spirit (their sap) to rise.   in venice i saw the inifinte illusion of light and dark, mask and what is real. the joy to play with illusion creates art!  life is not so serious! even the ghosts behind porcelain wrapped windows are singing come out and play!” patti pravo, one of my favorite italian singers, born and raised in venice, sings in a sea of red,  original from jacques brel “ne me quitte pas”  NON ANDARE VIA” “don’t go away!”.

stay and play!don’t go away! love live it out loud and love each moment- it wont come back please COME OUT AND PLAY! love everyone from your past present and future helping shape your courageous firey soul to lick the land with trails of golden secrets given to those with enough courage to share it.

speaking of courage,  here is blog/website of a very beautiful person from the inside out jen thiel! who is inspiring infinite people including myself to live and love courageously! thanks jen!

lisa in life-loving places


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