be your s elf! what does this mean today?

what the heck does this mean? BE YOUR SELF!

i love to look deep inside things to understand.

with language i love to open up in the great style of the Dadaists artists just like duchamp, john cage, william burroughs amazing artists looking way behind to the great wise teachings of the ancients such as lao tzu and heraclitus. heraclitus says “you can’t step into the same river twice”. everything is moving and changing always.

the dadaists taught us to cut up language, reality, rearrange forms so the spirit could come through and bring new enlightened ways to see and therefore do. when we see things for the first time, we feel them very deeply! so for me it is important to play and keep life fresh by not getting stuck with a mental idea/identity of a person or a place or my self… in my bedroom for example, i rearrange my furniture, pictures, objects and put them in new places (or heck even throw them up onto a friendly tree in a forest like in the picture below) and ta dum they begin to speak again!  with language i break it open and say:

maybe your self being has to do with an s with an elf?

so be your  s elf!

sssssss elf.  sssssssssssss elf.

in the germanic/nordic/celtic/slavic myths, the elf is a divine creature that lives in the forest or in a well or spring.  dark ones live below the earth and light ones tend to be more fairy like living on the leaves.

they are friends and are both crucial to making the world be a more beautiful, happy and inspiring place. they love nature, art and song and have powers that can heal or hurt…they usually learn from one another how to use their magic for the better good…
they are so small compared to humans, they can go places big things can not; they pass through walls and even fly; they make spells, live in the world of kings and queens,  princes and princesses and create fantastic toys for children in the winter time to help children dream about the coming spring… they are in love with life – which is where they get their magic!

be your s elf… make the s sound. try it!  it takes a lot of air and compresses your chest and lungs to get all this moving air out  to make a long sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

and then maybe you feel what i feel little elf –  i feel this warm feeling around my heart… does my s elf live there? eckart tolle on being yourself. this man is a savior.  he is tuning into the world inbetween words, forms, life outside and listening to the reality of our united being inside “the silent space of stillness which is in everyone.”  thankyou eckart. i am always amazed at how his finger points to this OUT OF THIS WORLD truth! maybe… he is a wise, old, elf!


2 thoughts on “be your s elf! what does this mean today?

  1. hey Lisa, love reading your blog, always entertaining!! Reading your blog is like putting on a big pair of bright coloured sunglasses and everything is now a different shade…lol!

  2. hey maria! thats such a beautiful way to see the world! THANKYOU! I LOVE IT!
    today i am putting on those bright colored sunglasses thanks to your comment! love you lots and thanks for reading! ur so beautiful~ big hug maria bella!

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