heal her japan – send luv from your heart

in the past few days, i have connected with my heart to help japan.

on skype, i spent a few minutes with my mom in a meditation with our eyes closed imagining sending healing

divine love to everyone in japan.  i was surprised to have my mom be very open when i offered the idea. i could see she was disturbed and hurt by the news that one of our tenant’s boyfriends entire town had been floaded.  Together we resonated such high energy in this gentle, healing we created for an event so far away yet close to home in our hearts. thankyou mom. heal japan♥

i felt so good knowing if we put our hearts together, we can help people even across the ocean, through

good intentions;

i also did this meditation with my roomate and now i am doing this meditation to my readers on my blog!
sending u all my love, healing love, straight from my heart!

today i invite you to release old baggage, gaze at the full moon and send love towards the good things u want to attract into your life.
send ur love to heal japan, send ur love to live life in harmony with nature, send ur love to live in harmony with your dreams,
with luv, feel the glowing light that stretches across the infinite sky, one heart to another.
-lisa in life-loving places


2 thoughts on “heal her japan – send luv from your heart

  1. thank you lisa for sharing your beautiful experience. if there is one good outcome of this massive disaster in japan it is to get us together and experience the potential we have collectively for the benefit of all.

  2. hey rosalee. your so very welcome! i am in total accordance! this disaster has us all looking to feel our way collectively through the darkness and find a new direction collectively into positive healing light and respect for nature! i care for u deeply as u are also a person who inspires me to open my heart kindly and gently! so thankyou!

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