good morning surprises- thankyou valeria!

what happens when you wake up, walk into your kitchen and see the table set with spoons, dishes, jars of cereal,

jars of honey, canadian maple syrup, plain yogurt and two little espresso cups turned over awaiting the morning hot brew?

you get a morning of sheer pleasure and surprise. wow thanks valeria! felt like we had just stayed overnight at a beautiful bed and breakfast! valeria is my roomate. she set up the table (sneaky sneaky)  before she went to bed so me and my partner would wake up to her surprise! ” mio nonno facevo per suo famiglia,”  “my nonno would do this for my family”, she says,

“also my mom”.  its a sweet tradition! wow it was a first for me and it sure wont be the last! adding this to my one of my many sweet family traditions! love it! thanks valeria! beautiful and fun! love to wake up to beauty and fun! yay!


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