rossana’s gift

Meet Rossana, my gifted singing teacher. She is a powerhouse. She holds a fire that lights up the room; her mind is so in tuned with what her body feels and speaks, they move together like two wheels on a bike, 2 parts of the same vehicle.   This is authentic force. Direct and gentle like a bike whizzing down the street. Forget the power of cars, I love bikes, horses, and able bodied human beings)!   She is helping me feel power in the lower half of my body.  I am learning to feel courage to accept the energy of the vibrating earth that comes through my feet and up my body. (my friend Elisa called me the other night and asked how is my canadian horse doing? hahahaha! how did she know?) Rossana is helping me learn to trust knowledge over superstition, belief over doubt.  I love her classes because she give us scientific knowledge on what is happening in our body when we use our voice.

She trained in the Estill Method in was certified training in San Fransico. ( She also uses method’s like scotch taping Daniella’s forehead  so she feels it when she is scrunching her eyebrows!this is probably not Estill method but a good household technique!)

Singing actually takes a lot of work but if feels so easy with her because the main thing is to have fun! She lets us explore what we need in the moment to overcome and gain something new and exciting.  This is the world of singing.  It feels like flying through the air with shiny feathered wings and long soft angelic hair, pristine clean air blowing through the infinite power  of living in the great feelings that bring you the desire to sing!

I am working on lol! Alanis Morissete’s ” You outta know”! This song is asking me to feel a deep internal anger and express it in a powerful way without apologies or excuses. “ I’m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away! Its not fair to deny me of the cross i bear that you gave to me… you outta know!”

Is this song directed at a man or something way deeper…. when you went away for me can also mean god , the sun, light, long winters, the father… unconditional love! yes all of this absent love i am searching for deep within myself, where is it????

hahaha!  Rosanna says to me ” Feel your legs. Feel the earth, the power of what is below.  Feel the rage in this song and express it from your AWARE body that is singing a natural powerful feeling! GREAT! This is what i need right now! A talented woman giving me ( this may sound sad!) the permission …to feel…I get to finally sing my bodies needs and sing it for who… well for me right now is good enough! more than enough but imagine what it would feel like to be in a concert house singing to thousands of people changing what they hold inside just by the powerful presence of voice and body….

Thankyou Rossana! Her classes are giving me new keys into the doors of my inner villa called body!

” Communication consists of 55 % body language, 4 % words, 38% tone of voice” Albert Menhrebian (1939) Professor Emeriton of Psychology- UCLA

Rossana teaches privately from her gorgeous home on top of the hill close to the Ponte Vecchio and group classes at Daniellas where we get to cuddle and distract Marta from her singing Mamma! Come out and give it a try!

Contact Rossana:


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