i luv bruxelles!

what an amazing beautiful weekened thankyou andrea e ivan e molise in the E.U. post bruxelles, is spring in florence. its 2o-23 degree sunshine and sprouting of violet and white flowers everywhere. i have been relaxing in the park near my house villa stibbert where i always feel safe and happy to dream and let life unfold inside and out. i have been letting go of attachments and digging deeper for pure gold and herei am back to writing.

so bruxelles was gallavanting down pebbly lined extravagantly decadent french styled streets

that everywhere beckon you to come in and sit down to a delicious belgian beer ( risky behavior, i recommend putting a max. on the amount of beers per day!)  the city and people are really relaxed, graceful, and beautiful. i love meeting new people like this old couple who immediatly made me and andrea there guests in a bar we walked into solely to ask for directions.  even though i barely understood a word i licked up every moment of hearing the melodies of “cest magnifique” spoken to me and i communicated my pleasure and delight of being spoken to in this sexy musical language… oo mm french!!!

yess i luved how this man poured his delight at meeting me and his courage to be a farm/construction company owner building farm homes and maintaing beautiful nature together! wow! what an incredible encounter!

we loved the streets, the restaurants, the pubs, the style, the people everything, walking for 3 days straight we soaked it all up! we both agreed that bruxelles is a great city to live, full of public services, hub of european politics and a good size for a small city to walk or bike where you need to get to… and can it be, there is another language possibily even more musical than italian…  i am now fully inspired to learn our second canadian official language ; french~its just so darn sexy~ oui oui!


3 thoughts on “i luv bruxelles!

  1. so nice your post !!!!!
    I still hope we can meet some day to discuss the possibility of putting on something in english with the children of our school. Some sort of project in english .
    Have a happy Easter time wherever you’ll be.
    Costanza’s friend and collegue Laura Pierattini
    P.S. I’ve seen an english movie about a primary teacher , I think the title is ‘Happy go lucky ‘ or something of the sort and you remember me of her character.That was a very good film! And mike Leigh the director I adore

  2. bruxelles is beautiful! thanks maria and maria! i hope we can make an english project as well! this would be a lot of fun! do u have my number? try calling me and in may we can meet! and i will surely check out the film mentioned above!

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