europe in molise

bruxelles is full of incredible encounters.  andrea and i spent the day being shown around the Regione Molise Delegation de Bruxelles! what amazing energy these people have. so friendly bringing us espressos and beautiful books to read and inform ourselves on e.u. projects designed for new technology, art , infrastructure and new designs for a betterment of health and wealth for e.u. countrys. fantastic! we brought this book home ourselves and have it to refer to all the wealth being distributed for the maintanence of new perspectives on how to confront better innovative solutions for people to live in harmony with nature and each other.  spread the wealth, the health, and the beauty! bella!

bruxelles has a large african population and there is such vibrant evidence of it on the streets. that  evening with a duvall in hand and african drummers ripping out beats while cooking on a grill the community just chilled and relaxed together like they were at home.  only this was on the street. i love this. public sharing of private pleasure.  the feeling of a  barbeque in a friends backyard should be shared on the streets infront of stores, etc. where people can spend just enough to feel social without strange barriers between them.  on the flip side i can surely appreciate fine dining, it has its place , absolutely but on a regular routine, i love to relax and be with the people!

projects that bring true life-luving hearts, minds and spirits is what i am all about! i love accelerating the awakening that is happening on our planet, the shift towards acceptance and inner self-growth and evolution towards peace and god.  somehow these new solutions to pressing needs for better education, technology and energy got me thinking about how much we love the money spent on projects that are giving people the fulfillment of the law of god to be in harmony with the earth and to love each more each day so that the world spreads into a sea of infinite golden possibility. thanks ivan, andrea, gennaro and molise in the e.u…. what an eye opening day!


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