F for Fun!Feldenkrais! try it!

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFeldenkrais~ this easter session has just ended and i am more awake than ever! my body feels like it has a personal trainer inside moving the limbs in ways cordinated for maximum organization; and this makes my body sense so much more than usual. i feel warm everywhere like the blood is flowing. i feel my spine, my legs, my feet and how all parts of me are connected to the other. in other words i feel whole; one with the intelligence of my body.

working in this amazing group filled with fun, intelligent down to earth people, i feel actually blessed. incredible people from all over europe, sharing what they love the most; creating new awareness inside each part of our body and feeling how a movement in one part connects to the other and how we can change habits creating new ones based on the science of our moving bodies. how do we learn to roll over onto our bellies? how do we learn to get onto our hands and knees?

there is such a clear organization that our system naturally learns inorder to get our weight finally onto two feet and move in balance with gravity. more and more i feel like humans are this incredible miracle in evolution, and i am one of this blessed species!

can’t wait to be a feldenkrais teacher! the first practicum went so well  my group of fantastic ladies created dances out of our lessons! ha! the energy is just so potent we want to dance after! i have 11 more training sessions and i am good to go! i will begin to teach groups of people starting with friends and moving out towards the public as my confidence grows! next training session is in july in a small town in the tuscan mountains called maresca and it is paradise there… oooooo!

… this intense training calls for celebrating with our beautiful big dinners  –what a big amazing extended feldenkrais family!

i want to send a big warm invite to all my readers to try a class, try a few classes and tell me what you think, what you feel, and how the body sometimes can not even find the words to describe this complex language of the nervous system! simply ” i feel so much sharper mentally and physically i can actually feel so much more of myself, i feel all the life energy inside and its the greatest sense of empowerment i have!” (i have so much luck being trained by the best teachers… so thankyou!)

ouila! meet some of my fellow trainees! they rock! (including… the largest calzone i have ever seen in my life. top right corner photo! hahahah!)


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