trekking in tuscany

is an incredible experience.  why? because not only is the countryside sketched out as if an artist like

leonardo would have had to create it, but the hikes are filled with architectural gems that leave the impression

that nature and society/culture/civilisation can and should fit together in perfect harmony. this is one of the many invaluable experiences i will discuss:

i will elaborate:

the beauty we are taken aback by when moving through the blu skydrifting through the green leaves, the brown

wood, the stone that holds it all together and the moving streams of yellows and even purples and reds that are

woven into the landscape like thread can be appreciated and built into the forms that fill the space; ie houses, gardens,

clothing, essential objects and other use of what becomes form so the ethereal nature is allowed to shine through.

trekking in tuscany allows for an observer to see how architecture is inspired by nature, reveres her so utterly, there is an attempt to build what might come close to resembling  her beauty through details such as the stones used pulled from the ground and the windows bordered by the same wood in the olive groves.  for me, modern architecture can often

be cold and careless, actually ugly by its impenatrability. big blocks of cement that no light or other energetic life form can shine through.

ok tuscany is the place where the two are married. nature and architecture speak so heavenly in love to one another, the ground kisses what is built upon it and vice a versa… and the countryside is really a sight to be penetrated by!

so i am going to discuss this heaven on earth, what it gives my body and soul, as andrea and i make our way through trekking around tuscany! (there will also be moments of embarking on boats as the isola di elba is not far away!)

The Trekk: : “The Ring of Rebirth” ” Anello dell Rinnascimento” ( even the name signifies  a fantastic meta-physical voayge...i feel like the ancient greek mythical ulysses who takes a long voyage to return home from the trojan war or even frotto delivering the gold ring!haha!) .  “The Ring of Rebirth” is around 170 kilometers and can be divided in many different trails/hikes .   WE WILL BE DOING IT ALL, ONE PATH AT A TIME!


-lisa in life-feeling places


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