ST.arting Point

St. arting point: a bus ride to decathlon to get what we need for this voyage!  new trekking shoes for me, grazie andrea! new back pack for andrea and we feel like a bunch of  kids getting their new school gear!

 back to andrea’s house of dreams situated on the arno river, to a tropical dinner of curry chicken, and beans in lemon garlic sauce. andrea’s good friend who now lives in south africa has come to visit! he has brought his good friend, a lawyer in human rights from washington d.c. whose roots are haitian and is cooking us some of her traditional food! does it get any better?

of course it does! she lives in the same city as our blessed friend josh who came to florence to become a pizza maker. josh also lived in the bellisimi casa on the arno. tonight we are talking about one of our favorite books “The Secret Life of Bees”.

in this book, there is the black madonna, a central mother figure who embraces us in our fear, and transforms it into love and acceptance of our higher powers, our universal connection to the earth and all people who inhabit it.  thus the figure of mary becomes black and truly transcends limitations of skin color and unites the heart.

for a year andrea and daniel have had a madonna in their freezer. its part of the dreams held there. this special inauguration of the begining of our trekking journey becomes also the evening where the freezer madonna who having sat forever in a freezer is icy white, is given to my own personal black madonna: this gorgeous human rights lawyer who will bring this back with her to our friend josh ! this is magic; messages of luv sent across the sea! (what is written behind the letter :  i know you will never believe this but its tru! i always dreamed of having a friend in the white house and my message… this is…. magic!

so we write on the back our own personal hellos and roll it up to be given to the most zen person i have ever met jaaaash! with the best book collection i have ever seen for a travellor…(his room was filled with books from the 99. cent bin to expensive italian literature…he introduced me to herman hesse believe it or not even with my literature degree, there are soooooo many amazing classics i never got around to reading!  herman hesse “Siddartha” and of course “The Secret Life of Bees” by sue monk kidd. yes… incredibley transformative books for me. transformative day. thank you shoes ready for the earth, tongue of fire ready for the madonna of the freezer to travel……

but tonight we finish this dinner with some good south african music and dancing! haaaaaaa! what a great life!


2 thoughts on “ST.arting Point

  1. You are making me hungrY!! I want to come for dinner!!!!!!!! bahahhaa… i love sausages!! (AND ALL ITALIAN FOOD!!!) !!!

  2. cant wait to make u some delicious italian food…!hmm maybe there is a way to include it in a non-wheat diet! lol! lets think about it! baci j.t. !

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