this one is going to be easy

My Mental Map: journeys are not all pancakes and wild flowers. ( some of my favorite things)  often the require huge up hill climbs that require a breaking

of any inner blocks inorder to literally lighten the physical weight of your body so that you can more efficiently get to where you want to go.

i know that this inner breaking lets what is being broken down….eeek resurface before its let go of…. therefore its brought right up into your concious self to be dealt with before thrown away into the air it came from…  and so unneccesary subconcious junk becomes concious junk that no one wants to claim owner too.

“this is not my baggage, its yours,!” we seem to say and we throw it to the person closest to us! “hey you grab my baggage, you said you loved me, here take this old baggage and love it too cause i sure dont” .

its laughable! we all do it! and i think this habit is one to throw away! i am working on it!


our own  LIGHT shown upon past stuff that with our CHOICE to say i dont want or need this inside me. CIAO! and keep going, now slightly lighter and more concious of what was in and what is coming out- yes this is my work! lets do it!

this is love.  taking responsibility on the up climbs to let yourself lighten by taking responsibility to release by acknowleding, accepting and releasing …or else it stays right there biting, pushing doing whatever it needs to get your CONCIOUS ATTENTION TO SAY YES I SEE YOU, I RECOGNIZE YOU, AND SAYANARA I AM DONE WITH YOU.  ( you as in that separate part of you that split off of your true essence and became part of the weight of your ego).

luckily the first trekk andrea and i embark  is not pushing me too hard into any real internal battles. nope this first trek is a a short little treat!

this is san donato in collina- bagnio ripoli and the trek starts from where we catch the bus in piazza beccaria… where there is the most deliciously eye watering cafe… hmm am i already escaping or just enjoying what is for now… easy. ( yes this is a sweet and sugarey trekk… and i know it can not stay this way forever but ill enjoy it for what it is).

so a croissant, a jaunt and in what a tourist would love as their outing of florence to visit the country side. its really fresh and easy this trekk ! in an hour and half (a shortie) is a  fun and gorgeous walk through hills that resemble the ocean but are far from it. there is a incredible unique  micro-climate here that resembles the climate near the sea yet we are 90 kilometers away from any sight of water; an example of this micro-climate are the pine trees and orchid flowers!

the strangeness of this micro climate moves right through the essence of the hills that when you reach the highest point of its upclimb (which is small)they turn into waves. yes stretchs of green trees that move and mesh so well there is as sense of fluidity that only the sea gives me and so for a short moment i am taken along the movement of land turning back into what we all come from… water water water…  will there need to be tears?

The Physical Map: San Donato in Collina- Bagnio Ripoli

Time: 1 hour and half

How: Bus ride from Piazza Beccaria and bus back from Bagnio Ripoli to Florence

My favorite part: uncanny peculiar microclimate of the sea


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