open the throat, feel the floor.

My Mind Map :your dna. called courage.  courage to give, courage to recieve, courage to feel the floor, the earth underneath our feet,

even when the cars roar by i stay connected.

today in my singing lesson, i became concious of the fear that inadvertently closes the passage in our throats in order to protect us.

in fact, it does the opposite.

closing the throat then makes the larynx work harder, no longer vibrating with gentle resonance but making the larynx become two fists punching one another to get the voice up and out.

better to let the throat stay open – in all the fear and anxiety – stay open.

your presence- when fear is blocking our natural connections- is our only protection.

Practise: how to stay present?  wherever you can find a place in your body that is willing to be felt or be moved – to participate in flow- put your conciousness there and let your self circulate from that window of openess – keep circulating by moving in little circular motions or whatever feels good in that area until it moves right into the areas that are blocked…swallow and breathe. Continue for as long as needed to feel safe and comfortable where you are in this moment.

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