eye know this land

an open eye flicke ring between the white wooden boards with a stick cracking the cieling above and the green below.

eye live above lines narrow and ever lasting as an eyebrow and as eye lid lines longing and leaving and looking between black shadows.

a movement between white opens and closes and speeds towards feathers beating like a modern halo. what have eye been taught to see?

eye be this miracle – a bird is born waking up crying its eyes move along the cieling lines and to see this furry space —


on the table  inside is white ceramic surrounding black coffee and new kitchen chairs.

on the corner sitting is a twitching eyebrow of an old man only taught to see white and black skin of a blessed woman.

he looks outside.

an eye lid opens and sees black coffee,  white birds soft like ceramic, old iron black chairs and god blessed green olives.

eyes see what they are taught to see.

how eye see i feel.

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