positive person

Don’t take anything personally

i have often felt threatened by the insecurities of others.  maybe i had good news to share and recieved a negative response which made me feel awful about giving someone something that made them feel negative…

and because i don’t want to make anyone feel bad  i begin to share less positive news about myself… keep my golden synchronicities, dreams, revelations, gifts… to myself – which feels awkward because good things in life are only really good if we can share them.

last night i had a revelation when someone really close to me hung up the phone in a hurry when i shared something special i was doing for myself.  5 hours later i hear from the same person that they had just dedicated the last 5 hours to their favorite hobby.

this morning, after my shower, (a place where so much is healing/revealing) i have this phrase come through my sub-concious “don’t take anything personally”  i read it about 4/5 years ago in don miguel’s “the four agreements”.  i understood the purpose of it but never actually believed what he was teaching in this simple phrase until last night.

the reaction of my good friend last night seemed to tell me that i had somehow betrayed them by dedicating time towards myself doing something i loved. then i observed the reaction- even though there was not a positive response towards me, they were inspired to do something they loved and i realized something so important:

negative reactions come from insecurities that when confronted with possible change ie. new stimulus- feel jeapordized and feel betrayed… but who feels betrayed?  the negative insecurity.  who is supported to go ahead? the positive truth about who we are below are shallow limited beliefs.

so always always always “ dont take anything personally,” especially negative reactions to your positive news.

(because probably note to self, their reaction is not bad, just natural for someone who in that particular moment is feeling afraid/ or threatened and more importantly it is just as natural for me to not judge his/or her response to my good news as bad. how do i know it is bad? )

we are all free to feel and do as we are where we are in our own process. in this light, hahahahaha i finally understand why i really should not take anything personally…

– lisa in life-luving places


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