Trekking in Tuscany: the L wand er

My Mind Map: Does it get any better than this? the key phrase of this adventure bubbles under my skin like volcanic larvic action waiting to burst over and take everyone with it?  to be heated to a higher temperature where all our bodies crystallize into precious diamonds.

when i sweat on this trekk, its just to get my sweet soft soul up and out. this also happens when i am in dance class and when i sit under a tree to sing. i love to feel on fire! on is the key word and not in! on is above like water boiling to make delicious linguini pasta, one of my favorite simple italian dishies, filled with mouth-watering steamed zuchini and onions and lots of 100 percent pure virgin olive oil. mmm

does it get any better than this? i love this phrase because it signifies that life is soo good, it can not possibly get better than this, and at the same time it is asking in literal terms does it get better?  of course it does and it doesn’t. both are entirely true. NOW is everything there ever was and ever will be and NOW is always changing. what? a total contradiction? yes and no.

the course of life is filled with so much ups and downs, it seems as though there are good times and bad times, but how do we know what is good and bad when perhaps the relationship between the two are intrinsically part of one another.

On the trekk from Rignano Sull’Arno- Bagno Ripoli we are confronted with a  gorgeous hike filled with surprises . HORSES, OLIVES, empty VILLAS asking for new creations and our new tradition to make the best forza panino.  a world of love filled imagination, creating and giving the healing that comes from the earth.  i want it. what? me the depth of eternal what is in me and you and everyone and everything GOOD is GOD and how we get there? i am learning  to move through what feels bad.  i am learning to feel emotions stored in my body, blockages, put my attention on it so that it can be let go of and preciously transformed.  so is it really bad?

hahahaa? lately i am laughing alot at the strangeness of life and how much imaculate beauty sits under the rim of a big barrell filled with precious golden oil…called the energy of conciousness. Amen bless it.

The Physical Map: Rignano sull’ arno -Bagnio Ripoli

Time: 13.5 km. 4 hours

How: from Santa Maria Novella, take a train to Rignano sull arno. take the road la pieve di  San Leone towards the cemetary. there u leave the asphalt and here the trekk begins. take the dirt road that climbs to the nearby junction at Casa Rignano. then turn left to climb again in the woods.

in life, things do change and can get better but then can also get worse and then so much better sooooooooo…. i am feeling so very o.k. with the life that is bubbling right now inside taking me two steps forward, two steps forward, two steps forward always arrriving at a luscious delicious, mouthwatering, physically shining like diamonds MOMENT CALLED NOW! CIAO EVERYONE!

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