Florence International Theatre Company: What I am Learning

Key Word: Peace.

THANKYOU!   This year has blessed me with… working with crazy (pazzi) absolutely adorable (carinissimi) children, (bambini), who are teaching me soooo many invaluable lessons- so thankyou thankyou thankyou.

In the past few months, i have grown so much thanks to working with these beautiful bursting with life children.they are  nothing less than honest with how they feel, think, want and therefore act. they get angry when they feel taken advantage of from other children, they demand respect, they demand fun, they live LARGE and have no apologies for this is what they are. I have so many invaluable lessons to share from working with so many different children and i feel utterly speechless with the amount of inspiration they have fed me.  Here is to my lessons with brilliant children:

Lesson # 1: The Act of Peace-Keeping (an ongoing theme)

when they get angry, they burst into tears and immediately there is a need for an adult to respond by making both parties apologize and make up quickly. there is a need for a witness to what was unacceptable ie. sergio kicked me in the leg, a need for the adult to respond and allow the act of witnessing to bring to attention the injustice, the need to proclaim that it was an accident, for all injustices are accidents because they happen unconciously ( a person can not be concious and hurt another at the same time) , a need for sergio to apologize, and a need for the crying child to accept the apology and proclaim they are friends.

The problem is now easily dropped. The kids laugh and play again.

Key word the kids learn: Peace.

lol while i am thinking italians are nuts and nutella, in this photo these kids are thinking who is this crazy canadian?

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