what do you want to be used for?

Yesterday i had a lot of  worried/judgemental/stressed energy around me and i felt my own energy being taken over like a big wave swept up and sucked into itself and it got me saying that very evening, “i do not want to be used as a garbage for mind pollution. i do not want to be used in this way”. i felt pretty down about this situation and went to bed feeling a bit weakened morally and physically.

In the early morning, i had a powerful dream, where i was guiding children/students to feel their immense power and energy flow through the acts of creation. I woke up and went to assist the meeting with students from the University of Texas, who are working with The Global Theatre Project which is founded by an incredibley rich potent creator, Bari Hochwald,  also the Artistic Director and creator of Florence International Theatre Company!

As i was surrounded by these passionate investigative highly creative and motivated students, I felt all that vigor return back to me from the other day that got “used” by the wrong means.

In the meeting, suddenly Bari says to the students, ” Lisa is amazing. She is a here to be used.”  I immediately put the connections together. By proclaiming the night before to myself, what I did not want to be used for,  I had opened up space to be used for something else, something new;  to be conciously in service to sum useful life-luving creation rather than passively in service to stressful/worriful situations.

In the afternoon, with a small black pencil I found infront of the school, I scribbled down this incredible message:

The universe wants to speak through you, if you allow it.  How can something so rich, powerful,beautiful,  neccessary and useful like clean drinking water, so big and brilliant like the sun, come into this world if there are barriers of stress, worry and clouds of disbelief?

When you decide you want to be used for a powerful creative act that will help others, you put into place the mechanism that is pressing the restart button of a thrilling and satisfying ride because you do not know what is going to happen next. You are allowing  the source of the unknown that wants to be known live through You.

Simultaneoulsy, you are pressing the stop button on the past from repeating itself. In the east, they call it karma; when your living reality becomes what you have experienced in the past over and over because you are not shifting what is coming in and coming out. What you give is what you get and what you recieve is what often what you sub-conciously give, until you decide to give from a concious place called intention. ie. Start creating what you give from a place that is responding directly to the present moment rather than from an unconcious place that will only repeat the past.

We live now. Lets allow NOW to come through us. Now is pure conciousness and has nothing to do with worry, regret, stress, anger any feelings of powerless ness because these feelings only exist in the mind which is stuck in the past or in the future.  Now is the only Power we have so lets PAY ATTENTION with all our senses including our mind.

Give yourself to what you want to create and be used for. Stay open to the powerful flow and miraculous happenings that the Universe is asking us to listen to and deliver. Be concious of how your energy is being used by where you are directing your attention.

In the bottom centre of this photo is Bari paying really close attention to these fantastic creators right here in Florence, Italy! What an incredible project is unfolding through The Global Theatre Project and I am so excited to be assisting it! Stay tuned for the interactions being created RIGHT NOW through this very passionate, enthusiastic, creative project! ThankYou Global Theatre Project! I am inspired!


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