Children are genius: each and everyone.

Key word: genius.

The Global Theare Project:  What I Am Learning:

Isn’t it great to be a teacher and say thanks to your students for what you the teacher is learning?

I feel blessed to be a human being that is willing to surrender to nature and all of the incredible mystery that lies deep within every living being. I am learning how to let go of my need to control so intensely learning to percieve the need of the present living moment and adjusting to what is higher than my mind, tapping into the creative sourcer making all the good flow into this incredible destiny of our planet .  We are all becoming stars and dont we know it. This year, I worked with at first seemingly “difficult” students who in the past would probably have been medicated for their levels of hyper-activity.

In the present, we are equiped with the will to surrender to what is rather than impose, control, dominate in the name of an ideology.

I am blessed to see how much more power is inside each and every child when we begin to merge with their creative powers to let something new come into the world through what comes natural .

What come natural, however, often only comes through, give the circumstances of encouragement, space, guidance, flexibility, determination, and prayer/meditation.

So in my difficulties with some children, I meditate upon their nature, the energy they are emenating, and I lose my judgement of ” thats the naughty child” ” shes the good one” etc.and begin to see deeply into what each of these children are saying.

No way do I want to limit children with labels.

This energy and insight  I gain meditating with the child in mind who is being difficult, allows me to no longer fear the challenge and to embrace all cirucmstances and allow my higher awareness to transmute whatever negativity is being produced by the active egos of children. Also I give the children a feeling of space and trust that even in their “acting up,” they are safe.

They need to learn to have no fear of adults if they eventually want to become one.  There are lots of adults in the world who never grew up and are just big kids playing power games.  This world needs responsible adults who are nurtured as children to grow authentically.

One thing i will say and think and feel with all my heart:

All children are geniuses: each and everyone in their own special way! I have a gift to be able to help them deliver it.


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