Thrilling Surprises…

Key word: Believe

At one point, the most “challenging” child in my class (isnt this great) becomes the superstar.  he guides our year end show.

All i had to do was tune into the song he was  singing under his breath. i asked him what he was singing. his  favorite singer:  michael jackson and the song was thriller. he was singing it in giberish, a mix of words that came from the sound he appreciated, without needing to know that actual meanings.

instantly decide we are going to perform thriller, with dance choreograpy- this is a leap of faith, for i am putting the bar waaaaaaaay higher than my own expectations. he loves it. instantly, he appropriates the leader position, well him and his best-friend, instantly become immersed in the world of michael jackson and  became the assistant directors of our show .  enthusiastic miraculous results begin to flow : zero resistance, eagerness to give something wonderful to the world, feelings of creativity, expression, and especially my favorite : happiness.

The kids are beaming even though at times grunting, but when they do the work, it is as if they are sitting on a blanket of stars and are glowing just by being there. They come roaring into my class, sooo excited. I am getting back incredibley positive feedback from other teachers/parents. Wow what is happening with our kids.  Are they really performing a piece by Michael Jackson… even though they can barely speak a work of English?  Ummm. yup . Why do i know i can pull this off? … They all LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON.  ITS THIS EASY. BELIEVE ME.

2 thoughts on “thriller

  1. lisa you make my heart happy! this is what our planet needs, you are in flow. i would so love to see that performance!

  2. thanku rosalee! wow i am so happy your inspired by my work! i am putting the video of our performance together…. so you can see it! xoxo and miss u lots!

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