Thrill reaching the top of the Hill

Miracles do happen. 5-10 year old kids who did not want to learn ” make a circle” learn to sing because its “thriller, thriller night, you aint got a second chance against the thing with 40 eyes”.

The song is about something that scares you. The kids are laughing and dancing in the face of a monster with 40 eyes. Fear is not stoping them,(even though some kids were about to not perform at the last minute came to me with sad, confused faces, as if to say ” i dont think i want to do this!” )  i gladly encouraged them to come and even do nothing, as long as they showed up. this helped them become present, and also helped the parents calm down.  sometimes the parents have more fear than the kids and somehow give the children excuses not to give their best, but give their fear. Important to let everyone know including the parents…. dont take life so seriously that you become afraid of it!!!!!!)

In this song, they express the hilarity of our fears and dancing instead of being frozen paralyzed by what scares us.

The performances went far beyond my expectations. Che bello.  One class did a medley  from Grease, to Thriller, to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The other class did Thriller, and the little ones  performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

When they finished the proclaimed “ITs finished, sadly, its done.  ”  How charming to know that being finished is not a relief but a sadness because the kids enjoyed so much doing it!

I am up next.  I am performing in a few days with my dance school and I am feeling the fear and am reflecting on these little kids who confronted not only an entire new language, but dance choreography given to professional dancers and rhtymn and imagination and so much good stuff and they put it all together remarkably and so what else for me to do…. dance and laugh and sing in the face of the thing with 40 eyes! ahahahah! Thanks to the greatest kids in the world!

Next time, your feeling paralyzed by fear, try looking in the mirror and making a funny face! Stick your tongue out, and say “I hear,feel and see you fear and I know what joy it is to learn from you!… and scare the fear right back to where it came from! Suddenly the fear turns into sheer power energy, you know your alive because your heart is beating, which means …. you care! Here are some funny faces down below to try out yourself!

4 thoughts on “Thrill reaching the top of the Hill

  1. HI Eliza! What a great discovery! there are people in the world that get tapped into each other! well what a delight to have you on my blog! Thankyou for reading and have an excellent day!

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