here we are july! u have given!

i am back from a month WOW of incredible amazing fun creative mind boggling, mind focusing, astonishing did i say incredible adventure. this entire month i am repeating this word over and over so much that it has turned into a new word incredibellisimo! which is a nice mixture between incredible and the italian word for beautiful! thanks sara for this creation of incredibellisimo!

this month consisted of 2 weeks of incredible feldenkrais teacher training !  in maresca, tuscany, on free days relaxing with friends from out of town, mixed between gatherings of the global theatre project,   then our amazing dance performance which we ROCKED! all here in florence and then  ……… a trip for 11 days in  morocco with andrea! aHHHHHH! 

i am so filled with color, sound, arabic gutteral givings, spices, tajine inspiration, music, hand-painted ceramics, hand-woven carpets and clothing, beautiful leather bags and shoes, argon oil and soap, photos that melt my heart,, body/mind connections and the most amazing of all THE PEOPLE i am IN LUV!!!! (this month i have experienced a deep sense of family away from family…. how the people we do not even share the same ethnicity can share the same spirit, the same connections we feel with our sisters , brothers, parents, cousins.  this luv goes far beyond our immediate family… and i felt this so deeply in feldenkrais, and my experience in morocco……..)

   i am so excited to mesh all my inspiration together to give the world something new.

i am inspired to be really fully in my body, my senses and the spirit of fearlessness and creativity….

i will recount, share and give to the world so many beautiful things, places, experiences that have been given to me this month of july 2011.

Shoukaran! Thankyou in arabic!


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