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 and so we dance…..

Thanks to Feldenkrais, I was able to dance in our Performance of Gabbia o Liberta : Italian for Cage or Liberty.  We danced to Peter Gabriels music ” My body is a cage… my mind holds the key… set my spirit free”.  It is a really powerful healing experience  to dance and express this message.  It rings close to home!

We have practised for several months now.  Then two days right before the performance, I pull my groin dancing without having warmed up (note ALWAYS WARM UP BEFORE HAND… never perform cold!)

I was lucky to be doing my Feldenkrais Teacher Training at the same time.  My days were long and crazy.  Back and forth from Maresca to finish my 2nd year of Training and to Firenze to practise for our performance on the 14th of July.  It was not easy but well worth it.   I have 2 more years to finish my Feldenkrais certification and actually put my hands on people…but for now I can begin to teach Attention Through Movement classes!

My challenge will be to teach classes in Italian! I know I can do it!  Luckly I have had my training in English by different trainors around the world including Ruthy Alon who is one of the origianl pupils of Moshe Feldenkrais!  She is 83 years old and remove the 3 from her age, because she moves like an 8 year old. No exaggeration here, i have pictures to prove it! (look to the left)

So the teachers helped me heal my groin in two days by giving me small particular movements to do that brought space around the injury to heal.  haaa! thank god!  i was really nervous about doing the splits with a pulled groin and i do not take medication therefore i had already decided i would not take any painkillers. no thanks.

Method Feldenkrais is very special in this way.  It give people tools to allow our attention on our body movements to help the healing happen rather than treating people passively.

i danced in our gorgeous courtyard! Wow it was a spectacular evening! Friends from Feldenkrais came to watch! Thanks Sara, Vito, and Gianni! and Simone from my singing class!

Our teacher and choregrapher, Stefania Gianpaulo, really challenged us and the ego came up during these months of preparation.  Sometimes my inner critic questioned myself ” What are you doing preparing a dance show at 29years old?”  “Why aren’t you focusing on something more important?”

The answer remained the same: I have yearned to create, dance, sing, since i was a little girl … and i talked my way back with a god question ” when will you give yourself permission to dance your soul, sing your spirit? ”

the answer rang like a bell from one of the churches up on the hills: NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW…

Now becomes WOW WOW WOW WOW! and lots of pictures to express this! lol! i am so happy and proud of myself! What a blast! What energy i produced and was given back to me through being up there on stage moving from the very deepest part of our human essence…through our bodies!  i confess…i LUV PERFORMING!


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