lets dance!

Gabbia o Liberta: Choreography Stefania Gianpaoulo Note Blu.

Performance: July 14th, 2011. Centro Danza e Movimento, Firenze, Italia.

my poem for the spirit to dance:

i luv dancing i luv moving i luv listening to the sounds of my heart beating.

i luv dancing i luv moving i luv giving the sound of my breath expanding.

i luv living i luv dancing i luv jiggling all the parts of my body relaxing.

i luv energy i luv genetics i luv the heart of my back bone remembering.

i am children. i am woman. i am man. i am trees and tongue and am talking.

i have words and i have gifts and i am giving the gift of recieving.

i luv building, i luv creating . i am a drop in the infinite sea spilling.

to spell a new word, a new world, a new earth is healing. do u?

we are the one. we are the one. u are the one winning. its called luv.


3 thoughts on “lets dance!

  1. Lisa, these pictures of your performance remind me of when I first saw you performing the lead roles in Shakespeare plays in highschool. Looks like it was a such a magical dance performance. It would have been so much fun to see you! I’m glad you are having so much fun! Ciao bella! Love!

  2. awwww! way back when! i remember what joy i felt in those plays! it feels so good to re-connect to my soul desires! i wish u were here and could see me aswell and i could see u!!!! and we could sing together! luv u lots! miss u lots!ciao bellisima! LUV!

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