my amazing, beautiful friend kathleen and i made amore this weekend! hahah! really!

it was so succulent and delicious!

blackberries in italian are called “more”.

there are tons growing wild in the countryside around her house.

she taught me how to turn these gorgeous little berries from more into our jam aMORE!

we were singing bob marley, jammin out to more becoming aMORE and

we also dreamt the same dream sunday night… that we both had to save a little child…

try to explain that one…hmmm.

being in the countryside is magical.  my body instantly begins to relax and harmonize with all that surrounds me.

trees, butterflies, the sound of wind brushing the branches, sunshine sparkling and illuminating different hues of

greens, yellows, even lavender drifting through and then fresh tomatoes and a glass of local wine and ahhhhhhhh.

but its the company that creates the magic.  we laughed and laughed and i met some of her friends and even gave

a feldenkrais session at midnight to her friend that is an artigiano shoe-maker!

she was super happy to have someone volunteer to touch her feet!

for me its a pleasure to give pleasure and soooo!

after relaxing and refreshing in the pool overlooking the vineyards, we got to making little bottles of aMORE!

and ive already labeled them to two special ladies, my roomate and

“the donna completa” “the comlete woman”

a colleague of feldenkrais who is amazing and is pregnant and has recently taken this title.

my roomate has gone to salento to visit her. PERFECT TIMING! so a personal bottle of aMORE is with her now!

it past customs! kathleen did not know i had these labels in mind but somehow read my mind and packaged them


so much creativity flowing, it makes me lick my lips and say god bless  life. i luv it!

THANKS KATHLEEN ALSO… for her beautiful, creative and easy contributions she is making on my blog. Wow! i luv the changes!

she knew exactly what i wanted. in just a few hours, she has given my blog a total boost of beauty, organization, and luv. NOW, with the natural paper background, the blog feels like reading a book! I LUV THIS!

Kathleen is finishing her masters in webdesign and is doing gorgeous work for amazing companies!

what a multi-talented woman and i am grateful for her help! soon the stars will be falling from the sky (its this time of the year) and i will have to head back up to the countryside

to see her and wish upon a star * wishing everyone twinkiling dreams and succulent food and company that makes u feel good!

bouna notte! i am off to bed to dream sweet dreams and wake up full uv inspiration:) (this is my affirmation tonight) 🙂

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