the aMORE recipe! try it out! change it up!

mmm ok here it is: kathleen’s orally passed recipe for blackberry (aMORE) JAM!

i added the extra luv details and oila! a special jam for special ladies (and of course lucky men šŸ™‚ )

1. FIND SOME WILD BLACKBERRIES, they are everywhere believe me, not hard to find at all. maybe there even in ur backyard!

2. buy some jars.

3. sing bob marley’s “could u be luved” all day at different moments ie. getting out of the shower and walking into the kitchen!

4. luv ur friends! (and ask sum cute ones to come help pick some berries)

5. boil the jars for 10 mins.

6.clean the berries from the stems.

7.put the berries in a pot to boil with a bit of water and around 200 grams of brown sugar.

8.pour in one bag of pectin

9. stir until it boils. let it boil for 3 mins.

here: insert an intention. i stirred peace for kathleen and a record contract for myself.

why not!!!! add the MAGIC TO WHAT U EAT!!!!

10. now u put the berries through a press that removes the seeds but leave a bit to have a few whole berries left in the jam,

11. reput on heat and stir until it boils. let it boil for 3 mins.

12. fill up the little jars to the top. close tight. put them upside down to remove the oxygen.

13. label them for ur spectacular friends and family!

(a picture with the donna completa “complete woman” to my right just recieved a bottle of aMORE!)


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