luv stuck in the head puts u in bed… but its ok!

does it ever embarass u on how much u luv the world, women, men, dogs, cats, flowers, everyone and everything… so much that

u want to jump back into bed, throw ur covers over ur head and whimper like a sore animal, somehow punished for something

it did wrong…

kathleen’s dog kali during our berry-picking found a bit of water filled with mud and decided to have a luxurious mud bath!

she also decided to shake it all over us when she got back – her face was beaming with pride as if to say ” look what i did!  and “i want to do it with u and lets all jump in and run back out and then we can rub our backs on the ground and ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a life !!!!!!!”

yes the dog is not so wrong!

and if this dog wasnt able to express this, would it still have the characteristics of a happy go-lucky creature?

and as for us humans,  are we able to run around and express our sheer joy of being here? without maybe being thrown into a hospital?

or considered to be a total freak? lol!

well this is kinda depressing no? makes me want to jump into bed myself !

this morning, while putting the soap in my dish-washer,  the all-encompassing light of this big, life-luving glowing sun

came pouring thru my kitchen window, i ;)was crouched down and i turned my head towards the light-

and i actually had the courage to meet it

to let my big sunny light inside come right up and out of my eyes to join it and recognize:

we are luv.

luv stuck in the head puts u in bed… but its ok… its easier to refind under the warmth and protection of a blanket 🙂

just make sure ur able to bring it back out . the world needs ur luv…even if its a bit muddy 😉


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