ur as good as u treat ur woman

ya man!  women are here to recieve, what can we give them?

wow if this sounds like sum dated talk then u just aint diggin what im puttin down man!

nope signor. because im talking to women as well…

yes, we are made of both energies. it took a man and a woman to make u, ladies u sure got sum uv ur dad in u….

actually we got 46 chromosones. 23 pairs, one given from dad and one from mom. in the 23 paired chromosones, the final pair are the sex chromosones and this determines if ur male or female. females got xx, males got xy! cool hey!

but the rest are equal!

in yoga literature, we learn that the right side uv the body is male and the left is female. the left is yin, cold and receptive and the right is yang, hot and active.

so i am talking not only to men treating women amazing. i am talking to women finding ur inner guy and coach him be super in luv with ur female energy and i am talking to men (yes swallow its ok) to luv ur inner woman ! find her at least, listen, she is there!

we are as good as how we treat our women, our mothers. she is the connection to where we come from. men, stop stealing from her. women, stop blaming and silencing her. start giving her 100 percent attention. 100percent respect. she luvs hugs and a good, patient ear.  she is motherearth and she is divine. so man and woman start remembering ur feminine divinity and start forgetting the shallow needs of an ego that began so long ago to feel separate from this immaculate universe.  lets help each other remember. I LUV MY WOMAN!


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