“Fear does not exist”

According to my neighbor, “fear does not exist.”

A few evenings ago, after a year i finally accepted my neighbors invitation for a coffee and suprisingly found out that all my prejudices of this person were so so far fom the light-filled person he is… which just an inkling  i got to experience…

In short, he is an immigrant, 25 years old and working and supporting his entire family back home.  His father had a heart bypass and can no longer work nor does his mother.  He has a younger brother and younger sister who has a baby.  He is supporting his whole family and what else?  Other than all of this responsibility, he carries a huge smile wherever he goes.  He has a glow, he is 100 percent present and relaxed.   He always salutes me with all of this positive energy… i used to think well what does he want from me?  Instead the other evening i realized how much i got out of going for a coffee together.  He listened to a lot of my ideas about the universe and responded with insights that have shifted my perspective entirely.

He proclaimed just before crossing under an overpass,  “Fear does not exist!” . “It is not real!”.  i asked him what he meant by that.  ” If i was afraid to go in there,” he replied, ” i would not go because i think something scary is there  so i will take another road.  But if i am not afraid, i will go and i will find there is nothing to be afraid of because i am entering without fear.”  ok so simple but so straightforward.

fear does not exists, only intuition does which helps us choose different roads, the right road.  Either way, we go towards safety, always, because we choose it!

Thanks fear for reminding me of what does exist  …. my INTUITION! WE ALL GOT THAT INSIDE SO WE CAN LET GO OF FEAR… AND TRUST OUR INNER GUIDES!  I LUV THIS! thankyou!

when i am feeling fearful, i think i will choose  to take the road to the temple inside my being; inside my heart and hang out there. choose the light-filled destination where i am held close in luv, peace and harmony 🙂

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