imagine how it would feel… and give it :)

HEY MAN! what are you giving me?  this is a theme i am meditating on a lot.  what do we give and what do we recieve by our thoughts, words, feelings, actions? what do we want to recieve  and what must we transform in order to give it?

just a few posts ago, i was talking to men and women to tell their inner male to give their inner female a whole lot uv luvin!   but luving comes in so many forms! what?  is it a shopping spree?  mmm it could be? if it allows you to express who you are! is it a conversation?  it could be if it leaves both of you empowered, happy, safe and inspired.

well it does have to do with giving but let urself be surprised by what u want to recieve! and let yourself imagine what you want to recieve… by being the person who gives it.  ok here your stuck?   i don’t know what kind of energy luv i need and want to give…  no problem!   go on youtube.  press play, dig up some c.d.s maybe that had you jumpin when u were a teenager. open a book. start talking to your neighbors.  go for a walk when the sun rises.  let yourself be moved by something new, fun and pleasurable!  u may find a moment of “A HA!”  this is what i need more of because it adds to my life a sense of wellness!   my measure of what is good luv energy is: is this making me feel MORE AWAKE? or is this putting me to sleep? (ex. getting drunk may feel like good energy but waking the next morning with a hang over surely does not…).   listen to how u feel and use THAT energy! ( THIS NEEDS 3 MORE BLOGS AT LEAST TO REALLY GET INTO THIS, I AM JUST SCRAPING THE SURFACE! lol)

here is an idea:  reconnect to ur inner child! and not the bratty one.  there is a deeper inner child that is pure, innocent, for sure naughty, and knows her luv is infinite and universal!  you can find her just by asking… hey little girl deep deep inside…here i am ready to listen…down below is a video of a man who not only found his inner child, but also his inner woman if your asking me!  (one day i will actually ask his opinion on this topic! )  mick looks like he got his crayons out and drew up  what his favorite day in the world would look like AND THEN did not tuck it away in his desk to be squashed by his math text book but PUT IT ON STAGE to share with the WORLD! with lots of balloons!

what would your favorite day include? family, friends, madonna, p.j. harvey, mick jagger, ghandi, a basketball game with dad, just a nap in a park?…. mmm so many possibilites.  are u willing to dedicate maybe even 10 minutes to inserting what ur favorite day looks like into ur actual day! wow cool hey! now u have instantly put your dreams in your reality! haaaaaaa finally!

ok here it is … a piece of my favorite day!  this man liberates me! i can just feel the energy pulsing thru his body! this is all it takes. let urself be… MOVED! and MOVE IT! what? the rippling wave of UHHHHH I AM ALIVE! and share it!

let me know whats yours! so we can share it together!

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