i am back in Florence and operating on a new dimension.  In the past 24 hours incredible, wonderful synchronicities have just occured.


i was visited yesterday by two young christian girls who wanted to talk to me about god.  awsome because i luv talking about god, the source, universe, creative power, and energy. i told them that jesus christ is one of the embodiments of all those wonderful things  just as we all are when we connect our conciousness to source!

ok. some background info.  i just came back from calabria, where i was swimming everyday in the most beautiful crystal blu sea surrounded by rocky mountains and lots or red peppers! i had the chance to visit an evangelical church there because an aunt of andreas is a member.i fully enjoyed myself – the energy was great and i am all about putting myself in places where i luv the energy!

so i had mentioned to andrea that i was going to find a church in florence (not to hard) that inspires me.  well these two young girls have found me and we prayed together.  i asked the source for assistance in finding scholorships for my feldenkrais training.

so i have begun a search for scholorship money.  i have an honors degree in literature and philosophy and my feldenkrais training is a 4 year physical health program… therefore there must be a way to recieve a scholorship to have it payed for…THIS WILL BE SO HELPFUL AND AMAZING!

anyhow in the meanwhile i caught just in the nick of time an opportunity to win a scholorship with one of my most inspirational metaphysical teachers: Sonia Miller! it was done in a lottery style .  2 full-ride scholorships to do her program were offered valued at $1,149 and i applied on the last day before the deadline sept. 7th 7 p.m when the raffle would be take place!

i opened my inbox this morning  and  YES I RECEIVED THE SCHOLORSHIP is this luck? is this the universe working through me? am i grateful?  YES! THANKYOU , CHOUKARAN, MERCI, GRAZIE! this is a great start to recieving what i deserve!  O M G! O MY GOD! THANKYOU! I HAVE JUST RECIEVED AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER! AMEN!!!!

what do you need right now to that can open doors? that can get you to the next step? that can give you that support that will allow you to follow your dreams? ask for it, believe you already have it because inside you is the source of infinite joy and well-being.


2 thoughts on “LUV BLOG IS BACK ON~

  1. hey beautiful jen! thankyou so much! luv u and am so happy and grateful for this amazing opportunity… its really out of this world… like what the blip? i am still trying to process it all… this program will be super transformational, powerful, and healing…. thanks be. a big hug to u luv u lots and miss u~!

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