inner judge/critic i luv u come give me a big kiss!


i have begun preparing my metaphysical training with Sonia Miller. thankyou Success for the Soul for your scholorship and support

to me. i have so much to gain from this experience- so much to help me be the person i know and feel i am.

i am so excited to share it with everyone! it feels so real, exciting and bursting with positive truth !

i feel so blessed and mind-boggled.

what? is this for real? its crazy because there is a part of my brain that is actually trying to make me believe that i am not doing what i am doing. like its actually trying to make me believe that i never won anything.  one? anything… :

this voice is saying:

” no your not a part of this course, your not doing what you think your doing…. its like a voice that is saying No. you cant do this. u cant follow your heart. u cant flow in luv and goodness.

u cant luv ur self and the world infinitely and respectfully.

incredible no? ha ahahahahahahah! i luv u inner critic! ur adorable! ur so cute! really thanku for ur rejection! i luv u anyway!

hey a new voice has popped up just in writing this: this new voice is saying to my inner judge/critic:

“come give me a big kiss! lets go together!”


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