up in the sky is full

when u are feeling down, dissapointed, upset, and even worse, hopeless

remember its an illusion. even those feelings are part of the illusion … and are there to guide you,

to tell you that what ever you want deep in your heart is here for you and here for you to choose

by acknowleging what gives you your greatest joy:

for sure you can bet on it being much closer to a desire to express who you really are rather than it being a desire of what you really want…

think about that really carefully…who you really are…and from there LET yourself be surprised …by what you are capable of…

tonight is a full moon, sing to it, pray to it, cry to it, let your body acknowlege the power of nature and how we are all connected to the pull of what life is asking from us.

go forward in the direction of heart’s desires… and not your heads.


2 thoughts on “up in the sky is full

  1. your so very welcome! luv to uplift! how is your film school going? i hope your getting the best out of it ! u deserve it! luv u lots and miss u rosalee! xo xo xo!

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