to breathe our deepest breaths


to feel the ocean waves slapping against the edges of our rocking possibilites and not be knocked down.

to give the call to the moon like purring wolf holding back its bite to howl and desire something more beautiful.

to illuminate all beings with caring  eyes watching out for the world like a solitary light house on a black sea.

to cradle our gifts like a new born-baby wrapped in the softest, white sheets held by the most loving hands.

to listen to the problems of the world as if they were passing trains, coming in and out but impossibly permanent.

to hold up our love like the torch in the hand of the statue of liberty in new york city.

to stand naked like adam and eve and know that our most fragile parts are our most powerful and are the oracles of life.

to give with every inch of our body in the knowledge that our best intentions for others ripples like waves healing and blessing infinite people.

to hold hands with our enemys and realize we have none.

…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! may we all breathe our deepest breaths each and every moment of this life we all share through the air that comes in and out of each our bodies…                                                                                                                                            (written  on my trek in akchour, morocco.)


4 thoughts on “to breathe our deepest breaths

  1. CiAO DAD! i am so utterley speechless! if i am inspiring u then i know my work is good! u have inspired me throughout my life and i am so thankfull for it! luv u and ur encouragement means the world to me. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox per infinita!

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