dad you have been like the hand of a clock pointing me…

towards that which never stops…

the satisfaction of warm bread, a glass of home-made red wine and a good friend to share it with,

the sturdiness of an old wooden chair in the back garden, having held snow, rain, and (bird poop)… finally to hold me when the sun comes out!

the simple luxury of a basket of fresh figs and cherry tomatoes.

the instant joy of tossing around a ball.

the awe that fills a child gazing from a cold window of a warm home on an early winter evening at snow flakes falling from the skyfalling on empty parked cars to be illuminated by a row of street lamps .

the profound contradiction of the ocean where deep relaxation and fear mix into one another like sand and water and where what we know- land, the familiar and the impossibility of knowing it all annouces itself to us to bear and witness alongside stretches of shoreline .

the caress of the sound of hands plucking the strings of an acoustic guitar, the bounce of the piano and the celebration of the trumpet waking everyone up to the gift of being musical.

dad you have been like the hand of a clock pointing me to the miracle we are all here to surrender to…

the constant river of luv pouring through me your songs, your words, your laughter, dad i wish u all that source of goodness pours back into u today!   with a glass of chianti in my hands tonight i toast to your birth!  i thank god for it and for putting me on this amazing planet… i luv u dad u have been the best father one could ever ask for.  happy birthday!!!


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