bless your creations: all of them!

often, we focus on what we have not yet accomplished.  today, we need to see how far we have come in this journey of our soul expansion and actually BLESS IT by saying THANKYOU for all the effort and care.

WE ARE A SUCCESS  just by caring.  a caring person is a successful person because the world needs REALLY needs people who care – the survival of this planet depends entirely upon people who are willing to care!

what is care?  where there is care there is alert attention. there is an outward flow of energy. there is an acute listening and readiness to respond- this can also be a level of luv…

rather than focusing on yourself and the things that are “bad” or “good” about you or the things you have yet to accomplish, start paying attention to everything and everyone around you including where you are so far in this amazing journey of life ( paying attention) think about those words carefully… and bless it. suddenly life goals/objectives shift.  there is a complete surrender to the moment and this shift is a blessing… it is all we need. ” (photos of caring kaerdwyn visitng me in florence to teach me to make fresh cinimanbuns) 

on my blog ” to breathe our deepest breaths” my dad posted a response!  this blew me away! the universe responded to a lagging question that was bothering me earlier that day, “does anyone really care about my writings and what i have to say?”   then out of the blu, my dad responds to my blog to tell me

” Ciao Lisa. Your writings are inspirational and amazing. Keep doing it.Love you lots.Dad ”

i started crying  because this was a sign for me to really  appreciate what i am doing and giving the world… and especially to trust, bless and care for it!

care changes what happens out there.  bless everything you care for and slowly it starts caring back and soon your carrying so many blessings. if i can move just one person to care more about  life and to think about how they affect so many other people when they begin to listen to their higher selves…and move into a place of peace and stillness… where suddenly creativity can flow, then i am gratefull. (photos of music with andrea and home-made jam with kathleen)

like a tear in our eye when we are moved to feel something…

i am moved to say thanks for my creativity, my caring soul, my higher design and BLESS IT!

where to start? in the small things. a dear dear friend once told me bless all of your creations, including the dinner you make for yourself every evening as it is what gives your body nourishment!  i will never forget this! bless the food you make every day cause it is a daily creation! amen! (photo of tajine made fresh in the forest next to amazing waterfalls, akchour marocco)


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