i am so happy i followed my gut this weekend and went last second to verigo,north italy to visit my dear friend and feldenkrais colleague julia and her wonderful husband marco for her association Artalide’s inauguration of their gorgeous dance, movement  art studio! ha!  i feel fortunate and honored to have shared this amazing celebration of a dream realized by a group of fantastic, inspiring women who are also good friends.  this is the best part.  the group who have founded this art association Artalide and now have opened a new centre are a group of amazing heart centered friends who have so much good intentions that the place is just filled with the capacity for life to grow.

i entered with my sweet dear roomate and we took to being the photographers .  even the mayor came. these gorgeous, powerful teachers and healers melted my heart with their big shining smiles.   throughout the night they would begin crying tears of joy spontaneously- i could easily feel the high quality of work and energy that will come out of this place.  there were so many happy children running around dancing, expressing themselves however they wanted  surrounded by adults willing to listen and play!

there was a meditative dance teacher who led the group with a simple circular dance that was very uplifting and powerful. it just takes one courageous person to introduce something new, to give a creative intention and people are smiling!

i especially luv that this centre has a room for shiatsu and other healing modalities and a room specific for feldenkrais! yoga starts in october and so many other amazing classes! 

the dancers are all so physically expressive and mature for their age. they seem to be already expressing their capacity as young artists to move and inspire others and for this i know how incredible the teachers must be to pass on their art to these lucky children!

and the night ended in great italian spirit… pizza, proseco and endless delightful appetizers and then whaaaaa! a lamp we all put our hands on to lift off with fire into the sky with luck, heart and best intentions! CONGRATULATIONS ARTALIDE! YOUR AN INSPIRATION and a BLESSING to your community!

I bless you with this video from my muse, my inspiration, my favorite artist elisa whose music makes my heart not only dance but soar high into the air…like you all did for me this weekend! .  thankyou Artalide for having blessed me with your realized dream!

Contact Artalide on Facebook:

lisa in life-luving places 🙂

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