luv is on!

my life is bursting open like flowers and with so many gracefull possibilities i feel soo alive and i am grateful.

and as i grow there are so many things surfacing that i have to throw away.  in the past few days, i have really been tested as parts of the shadow ego self just started acting up literally tensing up my whole neck and shoulders blocking my throat, my place of expression.

instead of being upset about this i am choosing to be greatfull and say thankyou because i know everything i dont need must come up to be transformed and returned back to the source of my creation.  i know my challenges are here to help me grow into the bigger better version of myself.

things fall in your lap sometimes right when u need them including the aches and pains.

take signs from the universe.  for instance a few evenings ago  my nieghbor gifted us with a really insightfull book on yoga. ta dum! i am back to yoga and working on my flexibility and strength! it feels so good to be returning to yoga through a book that is helping  me work on my own rhythmn and curiosity.

i think i am feeling guilt around the gifts i have been given and this results in physical tension in my shoulders and neck- like being strangled by the judge-

so i am gratefull and plunge deeper into my feldenkrais practise ,  i crack open excerpts from Eckart Tolle whose insight on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha and other ancient scriptures allows me to reconnect to the inate wisdom of the spirit and the blessings that come into form when the spirit and flesh unite. sounds delicious. it sure is. i am a greatfull twinkling little star taking my place somwhere in this infinite sky … even when i feel the rocks just piling over… i reconnect, i release because i know this is a test of my faith and a way for my spirit to expand as i do not fall for the illusion of impossibility and do fall and surrender into the circulating pool of positive, boyant, healing,  joyfull energy that is the luv uv our god, the universe at work…

i was on skype with my beautiful friend and i explained to her what i am going through and how it is inspiring me just to offer my luv and support to everyone around me… and she responded u know i just realized lisa ur such a positive person.. ur taking all this negative energy and being gratefull for it and offering me luv and support and wow it just clicked ur such a  positvie person!

thanku . its true!

and giving all my luv and support to others as i deepen my metaphysical knowledge and contemplating how really man LIFE IS  GOOD! (life is also releshing in the small stuff! yup above photo of a rose in blossom next to hard iron illuminated by the sun, maresca tuscany. photo below just came back from being rained on and am smiling because on the road i found this bright, yellow happy birthday balloon! mmm my kind of baptism!)

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