spiral kundalini awakening

well earth to lisa! hello! the pieces of this mosaic are coming together to shine divine light on what i am going through right now!



how did i not put the pieces together? well there needed to be a few days to understand… how in the same day, i am travelling with andrea to get his spiral tattoo and instead we find a gigantic garden where i am visited by a huge green snake and in my purse is the c.d. of max gazze called the fable of adam and eve with a gigantic snake on the front cover, and in the middle uv this garden is  a huge spiral staircase that leads to nothingness……..

Sheila Foster of the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, a researcher of Jungian psychology and my a great source on what i am going through right now says,

” I came to understand that snake is an archetypal symbol of the Great Mother Goddess, incarnate in one of her most universal forms, as well as an ancient symbol of the Kundalini Shakti, the divine energy of spiritual initiation and awakening that lives within each of us.  Snake’s appearance in a woman’s life or dreams can be a harbinger of a threshold crossing, a portal to a new level of embodied feminine consciousness that is emerging”. (Eve, Snake & the Awakening of Kundalini).

ta dum! and then post-experience is lisa feeling uncomfortably charged with an energy that is changing everything inside me.  i also fell into a deep state of conciousness where my spirit went for a little flight. how is this panning out in my day to day? wow so much to say:

i am exploring all the little children inside me. all the different roles i have played and learning to be a dynamic adult by returning to the innocent wonder of my inner child.  i am letting go of anger, i am laughing, i am crying, i am praying, i am being asked to breathe deep deep breaths and drum roll… i have started teaching a body awareness class via pilates, feldenkrais, theatre , yoga, dance and meta-physics!!! hmmmmm

Sheila mentions the use of spirals in order to evoke the snake energy of shakti and also speaks of our inate desire to climb the ladder of consiousness and disolve the low- level conciousness of duality. with shakti energy we go beyond good/bad dichotomies and begin to see the perfection of existence and creation in all its manifestations! awsome hey! lets all give thanks! wow!

i am singing and being afraid and singing and feeling this energy stirrrrrrring and finding so much so much heart and courage. i am asking for the great grandmother to know me and me her and i am loosening the reigns and  trusting this infinite power coiled deep below that is stirring deep deep inside…. call it shakti, or maybe christ consciousness… something good something god is rising…

oo what next?

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