crisis is birth

giving birth to our next level of being… we have to be gentle withourselves

we have to be LUVING.

we cant be critical or harsh.

we have to be LUCID.

letting go of attack, and embracing LEARNING. learning to be a giver of what is flowing through ur veins.

this requires also learning to let go of learning and just BE.

realizing u are MORE than enough, just from simply being u.  ahhhhhhhhhhh take a big breath and let that one sink right in

and let urself sink right down with it!

out of nothing at all has emerged BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of galaxies and that creative impulse is in u and me… by NATURE! (maybe we just have to get out of the way of what is becoming by itself!)

if want to express more LUV and CREATIVITY, u just gotta start somewhere, anywhere is good, even in ur bed start drawing a picture,

reading a book, singing a song, listening to the silence between the sounds, give something from inside and it will be MORE than enough

it will be A MORE!  LUV’n it  shining even when the lights are out!

i think there are millions of people who feel the same way.

we are feeling there is an evolutionary impulse;

we are feeling the divine process of creation incarnate in us.

consumating the body of god with our breath, our acceptance, our luv;

reclaiming our birthright to give it all, even the hairy scary stuff, life is ours to share!

2 thoughts on “crisis is birth

  1. What wanderful words, Lisa! They totally reflect thoughts and feelings that cross my mind and my heart at the moment.. We miss you at note blu! Hope you’re coming back and dance again with us…

  2. THANKYOU Deborah! i am so happy and inspired to reflect thoughts and feelings that are moving through millions of people right now around the world who just want to express their luv! your so amazing and i feel so much presence from u! i miss you lots and i need to come back to note blu! i am just paving the road right now making new space but i will be back!!!!! kisses luv u! lisa

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