my first enlightened sponsor: thankyou!

OMG! I AM so thrilled to annouce completing another of my life list goals!  so many wonderful openings are happening;  i am graced with higher conciousness of kundalini awakening and now:

i have just been sponsored by

who is this?

well this is an amazing athlete, healer, life-coach, like myself believer of infinite possibilities,and a leader in her community in kitsilano, vancouver, canada! she is also the very luved and respected educator at lululemon a yoga company also started in this community!

she is writing a blog that became a website and is inspiring hundreds of thousands of people a day who visit her site! she believes, as i do, that we can all create the lives we luv… simply by doing…. that which we LUV~

hmm too easy right ? well actually it is this SIMPLE. when we begin to move from a place of love , caring, accepting, forgiving etc.  these simple human emotions ( which happens naturally in sensitive human beings when we let our guard down) this energy can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

she is also one of my really good friend from my highschool and we luv to laugh together and be silly and be spiritual all at the same time! it is just the best to know her ! she is such an inspiration!

and now lucky me… she has offered to be my first enlightened sponsor for LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVV BLOG!!!!

inspiring the world to dream, heal, create and be live life in amore

and always follow your bliss!

life is SOOOOOOO GOOD! thankyu jen, lisa luvs u!


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