we are angels

the wings we carry, the freedom in our bodies, comes from the poised elegance, the fragile and ecstatic powerful

instrument called:


when we get together, when we give eachother space to breathe, to be, without thoughts, without judgements,

but we allow the unknown to become known,

we give the most special gift, the gift children inherently enjoy so much in each other’s presence :

space, time, absence of time to MAKE BELIEVE with the glory of our active imaginations and the joyfull FEELINGS this creates.

i FEEL SO GOOD when i am around environments where i can just BE and from this BEING, creation spontaneously happens!

can we all start giving eachother space, time, the respect to not judge, the respect to feel eachothers presence

and communicate our soul’s.  can we learn to feel the wind under our wings and with our breath learn to be generous and gratefull

oooooo how can we be more luving on this beautiful planet earth? i want to know…

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