metaphysics 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 infinito bambino hey ur writing me rite off the page! haha!

lesson 1 theme: be one with all good and bad and we become whole and rounded like mother earth!

CIAO EVERYONE and welcome to Dr. Lisa luv teaching Metaphysics 1 trillion infinito bambino sul mondo!

…where the unknown can become known!

where to begin?  Sonia Miller’s generous gift to me:  My 3 month intensive on Metaphysics! I AM on an amazing journey and i just have to share all the abundance flowing thru me… so:

let us begin with defining sum new words here: throughout i will highlight these new words and concepts so we bring our attention to what we are learning! ok!

like for example…

Metaphysics?  what does this word actually mean?  let us break it down: Meta means “beyond”.  Physics : well we all know what physics is but i will give u the run down from good ol wikipedia:

Physics (from Ancient Greek: φύσις physis “nature”) is a natural science that involves the study of matter[1] and its motion through spacetime, along with related concepts such as energy and force.[2] More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves.

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines…. and so forth! luv how many things wikipedia lists for us to know! thanku wiki!

well considering  i did my university thesis titled ” The Metaphysics of Praxis,SIDE NOTE:  (where i absolutely did not use any references from wiki but had maybe 30-40 books on my bed, desk, floor,  bags and purses full uv reading and writing !!!!! what fun!  when will i ever grow up frm school? lol! hopefully just in time for the big bang theory to be reborn through…ME!)

ok so! Praxis?  means simply doing.   the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practised, embodied,or realized and Done!  i am super excited to see how all this deep understanding on that which is beyond will be put into PRAXIS! LETS DO IT!

so let us begin again:

Sonia explains in her One Source System that there is only ONE SOURCE for our realization of all our dreams:  this ONE ENERGY never began and will never die.  it exists out of time as we know it.  it is the background cause of everything in the universe from the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, the air, houses, tables and chairs, our pets and poo.  u name it, it is all formed with this ONE ESSENCE, ONE FORCE that enables all of it to be here… including us! WE ARE ALL part of this ONE SOURCE energy and therefore have the same properties.

Source is LUV! YUP ALL LUV and good feelings. happiness, joy, well-being, relaxation, vibrational fun, prosperity, peace, satisfaction.  these feelings come naturally when we are connecting with Source energy that is inside of us! one more time: INSIDE of u and me!

but that which is outside of us, circumstances, people, politics, illusion, the world etc. that do not seem to be desirable also come from Source and inherently have the same properties too! u see, we humans have created our worlds with Source energy and so within every problem in the outside world, is the solution that comes from Source. (so we must go inside ourselves, connect with Source to find the solutions!)

And we need not judge anthing as good or bad, nor resist what we do not like outside of us because …what we resist persists!

Caution Sign: (one more time, ” what we resist, PERSISTS!” yikes, so what in PRAXIS does this mean?  it means, if we do not like something, someone, a circumstance, an ongoing problem, u name it, u know my husband doesnt clean up the bathroom my kids don’t listen to me,  whatever:  aslong as we fight it, resist it internally by NOT ACCPETING IT! and this sounds sorta like this: ”  I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOR!” ; well aslong as there is that inner resistance dialogue going on, this problem will PERSIST!  jeepers!)

Go! but when we begin to stop judging whatever problems are lurking and this sounds like this: ” this (fill in the blank with the problem) is not good nor bad, it just is” and offer our willingness to return to the all-knowing goodness of Source, to return inside of us and we allow the perfection of Source to run through us and bless us.  we begin to remember our divinity and our worthiness of infinite luv and wellness and we begin to focus on what we want and not what we dont want. suddenly there is room for these problems to shift because where our attentions goes, energy flows!

1. focus on problem    =   more problem.

2.focus on luv, Source, forgiveness, solution  =     more luv, Source, recieving, blessings.

Test time: yay! choose the best solution frm the above equation: (helpful hint: what is in bold letters is kinda important 😉

in luv there is real authentic support.  luv is the only cause.  we can not hate anything into changing.   is there something inside u that thinks,

” oo the more i hate this person, the more i hate this problem, it will finally hear my hate and change into something i luv? “hmmm impossible physically speaking because for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

so instead WHEN WE OFFER LUV, eventually luv returns. we offer hate and yup icky we got what we hate right infront uv us.   that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (its ok. were all working on this being more luving solution! we can do it! u can do it! ) side note:  (heres a usefull tip:  START A u luv fill in your name here blog. it can help starting this process uv self-luv! )

so to sum it up we accept our shadow with luv and begin to shine the light on the darkness by going inside, connecting with this one source energy, be it god, the river behind the river, call it what u want and unltimately this connection transforms our lives and the lives around us! awoman! amen! ya! thanks for reading kiddies! thanks for tuning in! see ya next time on Dr. Lisa luv’s metaphysics trillion infinito bambino!

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