luv thy neighbor as thy self

an old testament in the bible… perhaps a cliche… but digging into the very bones of this commandment has me smiling more than ever.

meet my neighbors: they are a beautiful, creative, soulfull couple from pakistan with a miracle child.  reefa was not supposed to have any children with her health condition.  this however contrary to doctors expectations did not stop her from giving birth to not only a healthy little girl, but a child so full of beauty, curiosity, presence and vigor. she shines a very special light and her parents give back so much luv to her i can feel how many gifts will be poured down on my awsome neighbors.

i am so thankful for them.  bobby is an amazing chef of pakistani and italian food.  does it get any better?  i am invited over for their special home-made chai tea, spicy food or just have them show up with alishe at my door for a few laughs and soothing words.  they feel like an extended family.  u know that special relationship with cousins… where there is a closeness but enough space that there is objectivity and zero expectations.  i feel like we just enjoy eachother’s company for this simple purpose: enjoyment.  love for love’s sake.

this is a gift for me. having a relationship where i don’t feel like the other is trying to get something from me or is using me to help their ego in some way. haaaaa what a relief when i am able to just be with people and enjoy our company.  no expectations. luv for luv’s sake;  so good and so i am thankfull because it is so easy and nutritious to fullfill this very important commandment!

 no really think about it?  i have . it wasn’t always this good.  i had to trust and risk opening myself to have this relationship that we share.  i had to get over doubfull ideas.   i had to just be generous in being receptive.  i had to be thankfull and open to being a giver of trust.  i had to decide to get over the shame that would pop up when i would ring the doorbell to bring them food.  there was a voice that would try to stop me saying, “what are yu doing sharing with these people? they are strangers.  this is strange what your doing”.   well i did it anyways because the light inside couldn’t help it.

i think this is openess comes from my southern italian roots and being canadian.  we luv to share.  the culture is about sharing, being hospitable, offering even when your in need.  it is the best way to be.   i am so happy this warmth is inside of me.  i am so happy there are so many people who also have it and care for this need to share.  it nourishes the power within to cultivate real relationship, luv and care.  it makes children happy to see adults forgetting their egos, putting down their guards, sharing their food and laughter.  i think children learn so much when they see laughter and happiness.  they learn to continue to explore , to knock on doors, to share their toys and learn something from one another.

how do u feel about ur neighbors? have u ever dared to knock on the door? say a simple hello. go and try it. let me know how it goes and if it feels like the walls in your house have been expanded! and if ur neighbors are scary, just let them know your not by being friendly when u cross paths! have fun!

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