creative writing workshop with firenza guidi

in the most beautufl setting, with my good friend matteo,  i spent a full sunday, from 10 am to midnight in a creative writing workshop led by firenze guida and then was hosted at home by an amazing  fashion designer marianna rosati, who has sold clothes to my muse and beloved elisa.  could it get any better?  we were picked up in the train station of fucecchio by a so lovely might i say beautiful opera singer/actress who also so kindly offered me singing lessons the next morning!!!!!

ahhhhhh what a relief to write my guts out all day. we have different time intervals where we were stimulated by a piece of literature and then writing non stop. in the shit, as firenze says, is gold. so let it all out!

so i did. my writing just poured out and left me feeling very rich inside. the theme was madness…

and i have to say i felt a lot more sane finishing this day.  i realize how much creative potential there is inside each of us and when we allow it (constructive madness!)  flow between people, the sensation it creates is:happiness.

happiness and fulfilment.  the soul is creative and the soul is fed when we give it the space to explore without boundries.  limitations , of course, but not censor-ship.

This place is so beautiful.  The theatre is set in an old olive-oil press so imagine the construction.  There is a bar right next to it that organizes live concerts with lots of bands that come from england.  Also in the same 100 meters is an art gallery that was showing the work of Storm Thorgerson.   The visual imagery was so original, creative, revolutionary and outside the boundaries of reality and fantasy.  WE NEED TO BE REMINDED: reality is a construction and our fantasies, our dreams, our imagination is so much more REAL because it comes from the creative source, god flowing through the river in our blood stream.  i marry my imagination to my action and i am flowing like liquid gold and warm chocolate and my insides rise up.

i luved creative days so much!  i am inviting more more more of this kind of interaction into my life! thankyou firenze and everyone involved in this amazing day in fucecchio. I am so excited to go back!

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