she is betwixt in the shadow uv the moonlight

a new short story/poem about the wilderness within:

on the floor is a million swlirling possums shaking their tales and clicking the shells uv the nuts

gathered under the trees. which way to go? the forest gets deeper and deeper each step forward

but the door to turn back has just dissapeared before her eyes.  she finds a home on the side but

the windows are lit poorly. there is an old woman inside. her hair is crooked and so white it hurts

to rest ur eyes too long. dismayed by the choices, she rattles the iron door handle and a violet

eye peers thru the wood. she begins to mumble under her breath “” what is she doing here?”

how did she find me”  she is put to work immediately given a mop and a broom and the source of water

which will clean the floors and for this she is given a bowl of soup and hard bread. she is told to stay

put or she will have her head as part of the stew and there is so much more work for her to do so stay put.

inside the fire is lit, she bows her head and becomes part of it. she knows her insides know best and that the sin

is in the cinder and the cleaning is what will free her. so she begins to scrub and scrub away the dirt and ash

and slowly unravels the memories trapped in her shawl eachone farther and farther away from the call of the wolf

to the moon.

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