luv is the only engine of survival: rest in peace d.j. danny bar

i am delivering a sad message, but also one filled with luv and grace. my feldenkrais teacher’s son just passed away. he was my age: 29 years old and a very luved dj in his hometown uv televiv, israel. he did not drink or smoke, was healthy up until the moment he was playing music at his concert and his heart stopped.
i spent this morning crying and reflecting this tragic news. we just expect to live until a healthy age of 90 like its a given.  i  am crying also about how much i stress and worry over small things.  i think about “my” life and imagine i have all this control over my life.  i  am reflecting on the true nature of life;  life could never be yours as a  piece property and therefore something you could lose. think about it:   the root of our fears is the fear of death, the fear of losing life.  we are all part of life and when we go when we all go, life goes on… so we could never lose life. it is not ours and yet we are alive with life running through us.    i and life are not separte but are ONE and one day we leave it and life is given to another. another child is born, enters and is here.  does it makes sense for this child to spend its days stressed and worried about her life.  no.  she is entitled to simply revel in BLISS of BEING HERE yes !!!!

life is not ours yet we are here with life running through our veins, pumping our luving hearts, giving each of us breath without us having to do anything: WE ARE HERE. OH MY GOD! HOW ARE THANKFULL ARE WE TO BE HERE? SOOOOOOOO THANKFULL! LIFE IS SO GOOD!

o glorious god who gives and takes life may you please send light into this darkest moment for my teacher. may she find the power to go on and pass on the depth of her knowingness, the depth of her understanding that will pass through her in this time.

a prayer for danny bar (1982-2011) :  NOW I LUV U. I WHO KNOWS WHO I AM, i who knows how complete, whole, perfect life is; i who create and destroy, who giveth life and taketh, i say I LUV U because i know how good it feels to give in, give out, let go, stay with our beating hearts and listen to the sounds of your music; to luv what we luv, to listen, respect, stop judging, to explore explore, to BE PRESENT and not expect anything but be grateful for everything. NOW I LUV U.

prayer for me: i luv u mom, dad, maria, teresa, mario, my extended family allof u, my nonna, my dearest friends and i also ask for your forgiveness when i have been less present with you when i had forgotten what life means .  i ask for forgiveness and grace, i ask to share my talents with the world, i ask to share the music that runs through each of us. i ask for luv and formless attention; i ask for resolution and healing; i ask for the most gentlest touch and care; i ask for trust and repair; i ask for less mind and more heart; i ask for nature to just sing and dance it’s dance. i ask to just be a participant in the everunfolding miracle of life.  i thank everyone and everything for who  I AM. amen.

here is video made by his friends in televiv dedicated to this talent and beautiful person

may everyone who reads this say a prayer, a small word of luv for this family, so they may recieve so much good intentions and care from around the world. rest in peace dj danny.


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