Seminar on Menstruation and the Cycle of the Moon!

OOO LA LA! boy girl did i have fun last night seated in a room full of women at a seminar held by a witch-like pyschologist on the cycles of the moon and its effect on our period! we ended the evening eating baci chocolates! i just luved this seminar!  i am so excited to pass on this information to all girls, women and menopause women!

WOMEN ARE CYCLICAL! our menstruation is based on the cycle of the moon.  the FULL MOON’S light effects us, literally effects our hormones to begin ovulating at this time.  our bodies go through 4 different phases each month! we experience an entire lifetime within ONE MONTH!

WOW WE CARRY THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN OUR CYCLES .  this is so so good for women and men to understand in our very masculine society where time is considered linear, women seem to be “inconsistent”  when in actuality we are naturally cyclical.  NOW we can understand and celebrate our female nature for how it is and use it to our advantage…

ok so it goes like this:

The Virgin Phase:  we have finished bleeding, we lose the bloatedness and suddenly we are reborn! we feel happy, we feel young, playfull  and its the best time to fully concentrate with mental capacity. love-making is playfull as well. the colors we may choose to wear are light, ie. white.

The Mother Phase:  the body is preparing for ovulation which comes with the full moon. our bodies start becoming rounder. we are fertile and this is a very intimate time and love-making is very intimate.  we become motherly, caring, wise, and compassionate.

The Restless Phase: the disillusion of the uterus.  the uterus is pissed off and therefore so are we.  love-making is sort of vampirish. men become objects.  this is a time when all this build up hormones need to be release. this is  a great time to put all this energy into a creative endevours. understand further this phase imagine this story:  u have made dinner for your lover for 8:00, its 7:30 and your excited for him to come, 8:00 arrives, 9:00 arrives, 10:00 arrives and no show!  this is how your uterus feels during this phase of the month! it just did a lot of work to create a warm, comfy environment for the sperm and there was a no show! so angry uterus is an angry woman so it is very important to transform this explosive energy and get creative!!! take out the paints and pencils, the electric guitar or start running in the early morning!

TheWitchPhase:  MENSTRUATION! your very internal.  Death of the egg. you turn inwards.  you remove yourself from the world.  you should do nothing during this time if this is what u need. you need to sleep more and your dreams are very lucid and are leaving your inner life with rich new inspiration or answers.  love-making is spiritual.

women are cyclical so at different times of the month, we are simply different. we can begin even telling our kids that mom is like the moon, always a bit different.  families should know this info. girls on their first periods should have a ritual that celebrates and makes them feel positive .  there needs to be vacations from work during their periods . our society would luv just luv to understand the different aspects/nature of women.  with this information, men are more willing to not fixate on a one perfect vision of a woman but appreciate all the changing aspects.  women get to have rebirth and death all in one month.  this is why we are so refreshed and full uv new life!! happy full moon, happy ovulating, happy creating, happy doing nothing and bleeding and taking good care and listening to your incredibly beautiful and perfect cyclical bodies !


8 thoughts on “Seminar on Menstruation and the Cycle of the Moon!

  1. Yei Lisa, great article! And could be so helpful for all women who live their lives without pils etc. It’s a shame so many doctors in our society recommend hormone eating, as a protector. The brain isn’t the same anymore.

    • hey marie! thanks so much! your so amazing! this is a really good point to bring up. i think girls in highschool could really use this information! they would probably stop taking these hormonal pills and start enjoying the up and down ride of life! this is what makes life so much fun, its not always the same!!!!! xoxoxo!

    • hi yale! nice to meet u here on the luv blog! i am very inspired to guide people into discovering and being in harmony with nature and
      our highly intelligent bodies! thankyou for sharing your time clock! how exactly does it work? it is time based on the sun?
      i LUV waking up with the sunrise! it “sets” my whole day right! thanks again for sharing here and would luv to hear back! talk soon yale!

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