Volunteering for Slow Food!

Ciao bellisima vita in harmony with nature is what this organization puts together on each plate, each smile,

each communal effort to feed and nourish all who have the honor of one of their events.  I am recently on board

as a volunteer because i luv their philosophy and care for food.  i also had the honor of having a heart to heart talk with the president this

last friday at the dinner raising money and awareness for this AMAZING project that creates gardens in schools.  part of the school curriculum is that the kids  learn how to garden, raise vegetables, develop an appreciation for local products and quality olive oils!

its just the best!  this is ITALY for me, the appreciation of the fundamental goodness of life, the earth, the food, and the joyful creative playfull energy shared between people who care about quality, attention.  its like a zen aspect of italians, their high alert awareness of what is good through what goes in and out of their mouths, be it fresh food and fresh, genuine words between friends!  they love the present moment, and we all know in the present in the NOW is Source energy is God, is divine.

but we have not learned or are teaching anything new proclaims the presi.  we have learned to respect nature, to respect the sacred earth from the aboriginal people in the americas who understood the art of harmony with nature is harmony with one’s self, health and happiness.

he also outlined the importance of local produce inorder to gain the vitality given by fresh food.  when veggies have been sitting in a fridge before they even go to the market and then sit in our own fridge… well maybe it just isnt the same thing as fresh food pulled from the earth and put on a plate within 24 hours… ahaha! yes i get it! and tasting olive oil and wine that comes from chianti region and from the backdoor of where we were eating an old pension that would house pilgrims in the 1200s surrounded by earth, plants, trees, and a view overlooking florence, CALLS for an amen and hallelujah and gratitude to be helping out such a passionate, alive, beautiful community!

the cooks are amazing.  antonio a man in his late 60s showed me a picture of his two adult children.   a daughter from india and a son from africa … they are both so beautiful. The other cook is a giant vogue-like model who teaches with slowfood the masters program on becoming a chef and he is just full of great energy and creative ideas about cooking.  another member is a creator of artigiano beer that is high quality, has zero preservatives, is light, delicious and made with luv.  So much Good Energy! i luv this place!   THANKYOU!

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