pressing light: my ode to brahms

riding too close to moving iron causes one to waver while the fear of growing a silent flower just to be crushed by some earthly foot unaware – causes fear to get to close to any numinous soul of a fish on land wiggling its wetting between soft flowing water and dry sturdy rock.

but there is the FLASH of LIGHTENING rumbling in an empty deadend sky and rain pelting down on naked skin and something deep down says to dance dance dance creation’s dance always on the verge of exstatic life and silent death with each in take and expel of breath and body relaxing into the diving knowing of the boyant light filling the sky behind the clouds there is sun and it is everywhere, and ALWAYS PRESENT within.

and so some dark owl coos spinning its neck around to glare with shining yellow eyes at the nest filled with long hair of a bear man and the golden skin of she-wolf laid down to have given their heaving, sighing, and staring to the pristine silence of the early morning.  they humble themselves, they gently give touch to that which is dripping in silence, long golden songs of renewal. they flicker their white wings and head into the violet horizon; alive, naked and starving they reach star- lined  vineyards filled with ” i can, i will, i am” : and now they home a round, holy AOM and begin to inflate and dissipate into fine dust and awaken into the form of their deepest LONGING TO BE as music is : tuned inwards.  Di-light  and in-joy!


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