Berklee College of Music…HERE I AM!

HI and welcome to my dream come tru!  an audition in Rome Dec. 16th to enter one of the most amazing music schools in the world.  going to this school will be like entering full-time into a chapel of musical luv:  will they take me?  full ride scholorship?

people from all over the world audition and what gets the lucky musicians in? ( did i mention my hero, heart and muse Elisa studied and recorded her first album at Berklee!!!!!!  yes yes yes!) talent, luck, spiritual power, beauty, destiny, hard-work, ease, grace, enlightened bribery ie. ( i am a ufo visiting from another planet and would like to visit the best music school in the world to report back to my fellow martians so we can put out recordings of our favorite singers into the air and create new messages of peace, love and joy through musical vibrations!!!!! what do you guys think?

ok what i am working on is intense:  i will keep everyone updated.  i have little time to prepare so i MUST use my time WISELY!

i am just so excited to prepare for this weekend in rome!  it is like aiming for the stars and flying around

the infinite possibilities this life holds for us! it takes courage to audition, it takes determination and concentration

to put yourself out there.  i know I AM ALREADY a success just by giving it by best so here i go and am so excited to do just this! wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooohooooooo!

Berklee Boston Baby i come to you with an open heart because i LUV SINGING TO MY OWN TUNES! YAY! check this school out! it is so amazing!

2 thoughts on “Berklee College of Music…HERE I AM!

  1. Hi. Are the audition dates always the same every year? I’m choosing a date for Summer 2014 semester at Berklee, but I don’t know if the dates may change…

    • Hi Federico,

      Here is the website which is updated regularly. So far then only have the 2013 dates up.

      Where do you live? I am making my first studio album here in Calenzano at Studio Emme!!

      The associate of Emme Giulio Cercato is studying right now at Berklee! I could try to put you in contact with him. Hope this answers your question.

      All the best,


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